What is SheDot Festival?

SheDot Festival was Toronto’s festival of funny women, from 2014-2018. Toronto is one of the biggest and best comedy centres in the world; it is home to many of the world’s best comedians and a favourite spot for international performers to be seen. Let’s face it, Toronto loves to laugh. SheDot Festival featured hilarious shows, workshops and panels and so much more. Every spring, Toronto was bombarded with three days of hilarious women from all over North America, performing in show after show of non-stop laughter.

Is SheDot really over?

It's true! We will continue to produce occasional shows throughout the year, but the flagship festival has wrapped. For five seasons, more than a hundred performers have delighted our audiences, and now it’s time for these funny ladies to take a bow.

Can I perform at a SheDot show?

As we program shows in the future, we will put out calls for interested alumni and other exceptional ladies. Stay in touch by signing up for our mailing list below, or from our contact page for performer-related updates. You can also find us on Facebook.

Is SheDot named because it's in the TDot?

Ding! Ding! Ding! Yes. Please tell the others wise one.